Professional Portfolio

I'm an all-around creative. For over a decade, I've worked in advertisting and marketing companies primarily as a copywriter,

as well as a producer and casting director for in studio and on location photo productions. During the past six years, I've been
a studio manager in charge of photography operations, account management and business development as part of a global

network of studios delivering image, copy and creative content for some of the world's biggest brands. 

Full Service Photography Production Experience
Translating a brand's identity into visual content takes a high level of creativity with the right mix of strategy. It's not just a picture,

it's what you stand for. The culture of every successful brand requires a consistency of communication for every marketing project.
As a creative,  I've learned to speak the language of the client and translate this to the consumer. Working with major global brands
such as Nike, Kipling, Samsonite, and others, I've produced high-profile photo shoots for product launches and seasonal collections
for digital, web, print, in-store and media campaigns.

I've worked with American, European and global brands, agencies and companies to develop and create their marketing and creative content.




    • E-commerce

    • Product marketing

    • Web content and strategy

    • Newsletters and catalogs

    • Long and short form

    • Headlines and taglines

    • Reviews

    • Scripts, presentations and promotional content



    • In studio

    • On location






Photography Producer and Casting Services
Web Shop Photography
Talent Management
and Creative Services
Brand Lookbooks

I've provided start-to-finish operational and creative photo services to digital commerce teams for their web shop initiatives. Turning merchandise into photo and copy content for e-commerce is a demanding business driven by tight deadlines, but holds the opportunity for great rewards. I've managed merchandise and creative teams as well as casting programs in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Belgium to ensure brands get the right look for their products. I've built a network of freelance photography, styling, art direction, hair & makeup and production talent, as well as modeling agencies in order to find the right execution for every project brief.

In Studio and On Location Men's and Women's Photography

When executed correctly, an image carries the imprint of a brand's identity. For example, Just Do It isn't a catch phrase--it's a company's culture and part of the world's language. Brand DNA should be built into the visual fabric of the entire look. Whether on location in Amsterdam or Antwerp, I've partnered, participated and led teams of creative professionals dedicated to getting the look right and transmitting the essence of the brand brief into a dynamic visual language.



Staff and Sudio Management
Account Management, Business Development
Project Management
Operations and Financial Management

Part of a global network of photography studios in Europe, North America and Asia, I managed a team of 5-20 that included both staff and freelance talent, as well as high-profile clients and vendors. With tight deadlines, creative marketing campaigns and sales revenues that measured into the millions, the proof of success meant building a strong team and nurturing their development.

From fully on-boarding new clients from the prospective sales development discussions through launching global commerce programs and delivering 10,000+ images per year, I've led a team of account, creative and development professionals on both internal staff teams and external client teams and created strong, lasting partnerships.

In addition to leading many technology, equipment and software implementations, one of the high-profile projects that I managed included the renovation, design and transition to a new photography studio. After entering the European market, we launched an entirely revamped, state-of-the-art space after a year-long build out that remained on deadline and within budget.

Partnering with senior-level executives and a global management and operations team focused on the all-around success of our studios, I led our Belgian office through several years of profitable business with an annual turnover from€800K -€2,000,000. With clients that demanded technological innovation and creative expertise with 24-hour service, understanding our own business from front to back wasn't key--it was mandatory.

Copywriting Samples

Great artists invent new languages to make people see what has never been seen before. Great brands must do the same. They must invent new ways for clients and customers to see the world and they must carry this consistent vision into every conversation they have with the consumer. Brands speak through images and words and the right words can move the world.
I'm a storyteller by trade and have more than a decade of experience as a copywriter, specializing in long form content and digital commerce experiences. I've literally written thousands of product descriptions, as well as brand taglines, headlines, catalog content, direct mail, newsletters, website content and partnered with creative directors, art directors and graphic designers to help complete the all-around emotional impact of marketing and advertising strategies.
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